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"About Mary Knuth" 

After receiving my Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, I became a teacher in the Reedsburg School District. I went on to teach in Necedah, Monona Grove and Madison. Along the way, I picked up my Master of Education degree, majoring in elementary education, also from UW – La Crosse. Even though it’s not required of tutors in the State of Wisconsin, I continue to complete extra graduate credits to keep current with the requirements of my teaching license.

I started my tutoring business in Madison in 2005. In the beginning I tutored children in reading, but due to repeated requests from parents, in 2012, I added mathematics tutoring to my services.

And Attitude

I’ve always believed that, if you can make a positive difference in someone’s life, you should. Over my classroom teaching career, I couldn’t help but notice how many children needed individual help. When I was in the classroom, I always wished for more time to work on a one-on-one basis with both students and parents. I love it when parents are involved in the tutoring. It delights me to show parents how they, too, can help their son or daughter. It strengthens the bond between children and their parents. And that’s such a rewarding thing to see.

If you, too, would give me that opportunity, I would feel privileged. Thank you for visiting my web site. I hope to hear from you soon.

Best Wishes,

Mary Knuth

Signs of a Good Tutor

1.A good tutor customizes a development plan for each student that begins with what the student already knows and uses that knowledge to build a bridge to what the student does not yet know. Always building upon things the student already knows helps to boost their confidence. 

2.A good tutor breaks down the new learning into small, manageable chunks of new learning. “Baby steps” helps to hold the student’s interest and avoids feelings of being overwhelmed.

3.A good tutor understands how each “baby step” fits into the larger plan that leads to the best possible outcome for the student. A good tutor is both specific and strategic at the same time.

4.A good tutor is assessing progress all the time – before lessons, after lessons and even during lessons. A good tutor can sense when something’s not working for the student and adjust “on the fly.”

Through years of training and experience as a classroom teacher, a remedial reading teacher and a private tutor, I’ve come to understand and practice these principles. They lead to successful outcomes – confident and capable students who make big improvements in their school performance.

As you’re considering a tutoring service for your child, I encourage you to keep these Signs of a Good Tutor in mind. Your child’s early education has a profound influence on their success throughout the rest of their life. Whether you decide to work with ABC Tutoring or some other tutoring service, I want to do what I can so you feel comfortable and confident that you’re working with a good tutor.

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